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Agapeland Academy

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Prayer: Mon-Fri (5am & 12 Noon)

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Faith, Love & Action Service: Wed (7pm)

To Reach, Teach and Empower! Call us today at (661) 325-4407

Agapeland Christian Academy is an Early Childhood Preparatory Christian School for children from preschool through 6th  grade. We build a foundation of excellence in education that is Christ-centered, and empowers each child to excel in any future learning environment.

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(661) 325-4407

Founded in February 1989, Agapeland Christian Academy (ACA) is an urban Christian school currently located on 1.5 acres in central Bakersfield, California, in Kern County.  ACA offers a quality Christian education in a warm, friendly, and safe environment.  We believe our school is mandated to meet the needs of children who are facing academic, social and spiritual delimiting factors.  Our students excel because of our God-given mandate to meet their needs both socially, emotionally, intellectually, spiritually and physically.  Daily we strive to remain a progressive, multi-faceted academy where Learning, Life and Love abound.  We provide Christian training along with a solid academic foundation in the basic fundamentals of learning for pre-school, kindergarten and elementary grades.  Each student has close, personal contact with well-qualified teachers who are prepared to give each student a thorough scholastic foundation.  We place a great deal of emphasis on making our academy a place filled with love, laughter, discovery and a solid spiritual foundation which will carry our students through life.  We believe each child deserves individual attention to detail, which will make a vast difference in the learning process.  Our goal is to create a joyful environment where children can thrive.