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Compassion Christian

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Agapeland Academy

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Monday - Friday (8am - 5pm)

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Prayer: Mon-Fri (5am & 12 Noon)

Morning Celebration: Sun (9:30am)

Faith, Love & Action Service: Wed (7pm)

To Reach, Teach and Empower! Call us today at (661) 325-4407

Agapeland Christian Academy is an Early Childhood Preparatory Christian School for children from preschool through 6th  grade. We build a foundation of excellence in education that is Christ-centered, and empowers each child to excel in any future learning environment.

Call us today at

(661) 325-4407

Compassion Christian Center, formerly Temple of Compassion, was founded in 1969 by Pastor and Mrs. Ted M. Johnson. Temple of Compassion was affiliated with the diocese of the Church of God in Christ. Upon establishment of the church, Pastor and Mrs. Johnson were the sole members. The first church was located on the corner of Third and Clyde Streets in the City of Bakersfield.

In 1971, the church relocated to a small building on Lakeview Avenue commonly known as the “Ice House.” In 1975, the body of believers moved to a larger office at 440 Brundage Lane. It was there that the church experienced growth and maturity. In 1979, another move became necessary. They shared the facilities on Eleventh and Tulare Street with Christ Holy Sanctified Church. This was a very transitional time for the congregation. It was also during this time that a “teaching” ministry was launched. The church stood on Phillipians 4:19 for God to supply their needs. The need was for a place to call their own.

In 1982, two tentative moves were made to locations on Union and Lakeview Avenue. In 1983, the church moved to a permanent location at 201 South Hayes Street. A church slogan was adopted: “For me to fail, impossible, for you to fail, impossible.” The membership increased rapidly. Subsequently, the facilities became inadequate.

In June 1986, a welcomed move was made to 1030 Fourth Street, with dedicatorial services held October 26, 1986. The present facilities here at Fourth and “N” are serving to carry out the vision of the ministry. God enabled his good stewards at Compassion to pay-off a $400,000 mortgage in three years! What a mighty God we serve! The church name was officially changed from Temple of Compassion to the Bakersfield Compassion Christian Center Church, Inc. Compassion Christian Center is a word-oriented, teaching ministry that ministers to the total needs of the family, with outreach in the community, city, and world.